Current Members​

DD Council Hawaii License plate with a rainbowThe Council consists of 28 Governor appointed members that includes persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), parents, family members, and representatives from public and private agencies.  At least 61% (17 members) must be a person with I/DD or a family member of a person with I/DD.  The Council currently has three vacancies.

Philip Ana – Executive Office on Aging

Michelle Arakawa – Department of Education

Ho’opi’ookalani Balaz – Self-Advocate, O’ahu

Kevin Bardsley-Marcial – Goodwill Industries of Hawai’i

Maureen Bates – Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

John Beebe – Parent, O’ahu

Mary Brogan – Developmental Disabilities Division

Amara Coon – Self-Advocate, Kaua’i

Bathey Fong – Self-Advocate, O’ahu

Melissa Gibo – Representative from a Local and Non-governmental Agency

Howard Greenberg – Parent, Maui

Josh Ige – Self-Adovate, Lana’i

Debbie Kobayakawa – Parent, O’ahu

Shana Metsch – Parent, Kaua’i

Michelle Muralt – Self-Advocate, O’ahu

Victoria Murray – Self-Advocate, Hilo, HI

Darwin Nagamine – Self-Advocate, Hilo, HI

Jane Preece – Hawai’i Disability Rights Center (HDRC), O’ahu

Timothy Renken – Self-Advocate, O’ahu

Alana Souza – Title IX: Social Security Act

Dr. Kiriko Takahashi – Center on Disability Studies (CDS), UHM

Reinalyn Terrado – Parent, O’ahu

Santo Triolo – Parent, Maui

Robert “Jackson” Whitaker – Self-Advocate, O’ahu

Mark Vierra – Parent, Kona, HI