Welcome to the DD Council!

The DD Council engages communities in advocacy, capacity-building, and systemic change activities that are consistent with the policy in the federal law.

The DD Council promotes self-determination for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families by contributing to a coordinated and comprehensive service system that is person-centered and family-directed.

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Vision & Mission

Learn more about the future of the DD Council and how we plan to get there.

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Areas of Emphasis

Find out about the five Areas of Emphasis that the DD Council focuses on.

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DD Council History

Read about why DD Council and other councils like it were created and how DD is defined.

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DD Council Members

The Council consists of 28 Governor appointed members that includes persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), parents, family members, and representatives from public and private agencies. In addition to these members, the DD Council has Leadership & Staff.